First Name Masa
  QTH Westmont, IL
  Prior Call(s) ⇰ JR2VZJ
  Other interests ⇰  Guitar
  Email AB9MQ
  My External Web Sites QRZ.com and Vintage SSB

Hi, my handle is MASA.

I got my first novice license in JA land in 1975. Call sign was JR2VZJ. I worked many stations including many DX with 10 watts output on both phone and CW. Activities on ham radio started diminishing as I entered college. I came to US in 1985. I was too busy with my job and family to engage in my hobby, so I drifted away from ham radio for a long time.

In the summer of 2006, I took ham radio exam at VE hosted by DuPage Amateur Radio Club W9DUP. I started taking element 1 (CW) , element 2 (Technician) , element 3 (General) and element 4 (Extra) one by one and I passed them all on the same evening! This is how I came back to "Ham Radio" after a long break.

My XYL likes to listen to ham operators talking on the radio, but my children are not interested at all. They think their dad is radio crazy. I think it is a good hobby to be crazy about. I feel quite normal being surrounded by more crazy (interesting) experimenter friends in this hobby hi.

Hope to work you soon.


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  Last update February 16, 2017