First Name Butch
  QTH Pulaski, TN   (Formerly - Fort Atkinson, WI)
  Prior Call(s) ⇰ KN∅EUK K4BYM
  Other interests ⇰  
  Email K∅BS
  My External Web Sites   None

First of all, I am known on the air as Butch. I was first licensed in Rochester MN in 1956 as KN∅EUK. I am married and have two sons and 4 grandchildren. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a mechanical engineering degree, I hired on with IBM in Rochester and transferred two years later to Huntsville AL to work on the Saturn Apollo space program. While in Al, I was K4BYM. I have been a life member of ARRL and have a DXCC country total of 356 countries. In 1977 we transferred to IBM Rochester. I retired from IBM in 1992 after 30 years. My primary radio interest is collecting Johnson and Collins vintage equipment, restoring it and operating AM.

  Here is WB5WUX operating my KW-1 on 160 meters...

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  Last update February 15, 2017