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I have been a licensed since 1969. My father insisted that I would have to learn the code rather than pester him while he was in the middle of a contact.

With my dads help I built a 40 meter single band novice transmitter and my mom made sure that my allowance would cover the cost of a used Heathkit HR-10 receiver. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have played on all the bands with a variety of radios and modes. My real passion is working on and operating vintage HF, AM transmitters and receivers.

I am so lucky to be alive and I thank everyone for their warm thoughts and prayers when I was going through my treatment for AML Leukemia back in 2013. The Good Lord answered your many prayers and I have been blessed with more time to play Ham Radio.

Hope to hear you sometime......73/88 DE Liz   K4GHT

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  Last update February 18, 2017