First Name George
  QTH Barrington, IL
  Prior Call(s) ⇰ KN9GDT
  Other interests ⇰  Reading, Electric Guitar, Steel Drums, Photography, Walleye Fishing, Motorcycles
  Email K9GDT
   My External Web Site  hombrew & vintage gear

Collins 75A−4 Johnson Viking Ranger

Homebrew 1 Watt 75m AM Transceiver Inside View  (What a mess!)

Hammarlund SP600−JX17 Hammarlund HQ-180  (My Favorite AM RX)

The "Noble Steed" High Water Launch For Early Spring Walleyes (My Poor Jeep!)

Some Homebrew Gear George  K9GDT    

  "Last year, my XYL said she'd leave me if I didn't give up ham radio. Over."      
  Why are progeny referred to as harmonics? It seems to me heterodyne is more accurate nomeclature.  ...just sayin'  

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  Last update February 25, 2017