First Name Kurt
  QTH Madison, IN
  Prior Call(s) ⇰  KC8BDN
  Other interests ⇰  
  Email K9URT
  My External Web Sites None

I have now a radio and antenna a random wire about 130 ft. in to the tuner. I run about 50 to 100 watts. Have worked several countries. I also check into several nets as well. I enjoy DX when I can.

Hello, I am from Northern Kentucky and lived in the Cincinnati metro area for over 25 years.

I currently live in southeast Indiana on the river in a the Historic town of Madison.

I learned code when I was 13 years old at an ARRL class at the local high school and passed the 5 words a minute.

I missed getting my novice after buying a novice rig. Then being a teenager went to CB radio and used what I learned with building dipole antennas for 11 meters and modifying radios.

Then in 1995 got my Technician license. Around 1998 upgraded to General passing the 13 words a minuet requirement.

I have restictions as I live in a 100 year old High School. I do really enjoy HF and DXing

I have met some really great guys with remote base ham stations. I really appreciate these guys for allowing me to use their systems.

I love ham radio.

My current HF antenna is an end fed dipole antenna about 88 feet long. Very stealth. You can't see it.

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  Last update June 2, 2017