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Welcome, I have been a ham since 1958. My nickname is Borgi, to tell me apart from all the other Jims on the band. My first call was KN9PLE. I missed the grace period to continue after the Novice license expired so when I went to take the General test I got K9YQQ.

As you can see, I enjoy building and AM. The rig on the right in the black 4 foot rack is a pair of 813s plate modulated by a pair of 4-250s in class AB1.This rig started out in 2012 as a pair of Russian GI7Bs modulated by another pair of GI7Bs. I called it "The Ruskie". Now it's the "neutered" Ruskie. The rig on the left is a 4-1000 plate modulated by a pair of 4-400s in class AB1. I put this on the air in September of 2014. The "Neutered Ruskie" hangs out on 40 Meters and the 4-1000 hangs out on 75 Meters but I switch off from time to time. I do a little SSB work with the old KWM-2A. It drives an old Dentron MLA-2500 that I retrofitted with a pair of GI7Bs about 6 years ago.

I love to build things and then enjoy the fruits of my labor on the air talking to the great folks that hang out on Ham radio.

If you hear my peanut whistles on the air, please give me a shout.

73, Borgi   K9YQQ


You can view with most modern browsers or download the construction history (50KB) for the AM Transmitter project, viewable with one of these trustworthy PDF readers.

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  Last update January 24, 2017