First Name Tim
  QTH Calhoun, IL
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  Email KC9QJE
  My External Web Sites  KC9QJE Family Ham Shack

AM is my favorite mode and I hang out most of the time in the AM windows.

My Wife is also a ham her call is N9TZU. (This was her dads call.)

My daughter is also a ham. Her call is KC9QOU.

The antenna is an 80m Doublet feed with 600 OWL to a Link Coupled Tuner.

My main AM transmitter is an RCA BTA-1R1 converted Broadcast transmitter 40 & 75.

My main receiver is an SDR receiver.

I have several Boat anchor AM transmitters, some stock and some Heavily modified.

I enjoy picking up old transmitters and receivers to get them back up and going!

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  Last update June 26, 2017