First Name Anthony
  QTH Upper Arlington, OH
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  Email KD8TFR
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I have been involved with amateur radio for a few years and currently have a General class license.

I enjoy building radio related projects of most any type,antennas, regenerative radios... I am also working on improving my Morse code skills. I also enjoy building microcontroller projects.

The antenna is the thing… I have gone from a 80/40 dipole to a ZS6BKW multiband to a long wire on a an unun to most recently a horizontally oriented 40m loop. All have worked well for me even when installed at only 25 to 30 feet above ground. The loop has had the least background noise and the ZS6BKW was nearly 50 ohms on all bands; no ATU needed. The long wire was a great antenna for long distance MW. Not sure what I’ll try next?

Have you built a regen radio? If not you should give it a try. These radios work very well considering their simplicity and they are fun to build. Below are some pictures of my latest regenerative radio. You can find great ideas for regen radios at Circuit Salad. Look in the RF section of the site.  Page opens in new browser window

I have found myself to be a fan of Ten Tec radios. Currently I have and use a Century 21 and an Omni A. Both have been a real pleasure to use. I have made several contacts using the Omni ranging from WA to Colorado to the Czech Republic; all on SSB. All of these contacts gave 5x 9 signal reports. The Omni A has been proving to be not just a good radio but a great radio for SSB and CW.

Hope to meet you on the air. Regards from Upper Arlington, Ohio, USA.

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  Last update June 25, 2017