First Name William
  QTH Grandview, WI
  Prior Call(s) ⇰ KB∅FKY
  Other interests ⇰  Restoring old 1957 Chevys
  Email KE9UA
  My External Web Sites  None

I was first licensed as a Novice with the call sign WN9UHQ in 1976 and later that summer I took and passed the 13wpm code test and written exam for General at the Chicago field office and became WB9UHQ. Not long after that I passed the Advanced Class test down at the St. Louis field office, About a year later I retested at Chicago's field office for Extra and passed the 20 wpm code test; but missed one too many questions and left it at that. Then in 2004 I changed my call to KE9UA. In March of 2012 I tested for Extra and passed missing only one question this time. Finally get to use the extra frequency's.

My station setup: Kenwood TS-940S, Kenwood TL-922A, SM-220 scope and bp/8. I also have a Dentron MLA-2500 and a Ameritron AL-811 amp The latest addition to the shack is a Alpha 9500 linear.The tower is an aluminum Universal Tower HD-60 and my beam is a SteppIR DB-18E at 62'. A Yaesu G-2800-DXA rotor handles the beam turning. I also use a Ten-Tec Pegasus SDR radio from time to time along with callsign hamstation ultimate software. Still learning the features of SDR radios. The newest addition to my radio shack June 2015 was the purchase of a Flex-5000A fully loaded with the 2nd receiver, ATU and VHF/UHF module all factory installed from a local estate that came up for sale. With the help of a couple of local hams who have Flex radios I am learning (slowly) how to use this excellent radio.

My AM station consists of a Johnson Ranger I that I restored and a National NC-300 receiver that I use each weekend for a local net we have on 1.915mhz on Sunday mornings. I also check into the 3.885mhz AM net on Saturdays. I have a shelf full of older Hallicrafters, Hammarlunds and other AM boat anchors.

I have enjoyed running SSTV back in the 80's and then RTTY with the old house shaker teletypes that were surplus along with a Radio Shack Model 1 computer interface in the early 80's.

I also enjoy and use cw and still have fun making contacts on cw.

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  Last update June 25, 2017