First Name Jim
  QTH Washington, IL
  Prior Call(s) WN9QLQ KA9CKX N9MWU
  Other interests 
  Email KF9XK
  Click here for my  None


Original Call WN9QLQ then on to KA9CKX, then N9MWU. Decided it was time to up grade when the phonectics turned into Mighty White Underwear. So will run with KF9XK till they throw dirt in my face.

The current picture is the main boat anchor/heathkit station. I can't move the SX101 so it will stay awhile. All the green boxes are up and running. Recapped and parts changed where needed. The DX-60 will run Plate Modulation on AM with the help of an Eico modulator.

Currently it is for CW along with a 6DQ6 HB TX. Love the smell and glow of a true ham radios. 50-60 years old and you can still get parts. Sand state is great when it works but when it dies good luck.


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  Last update February 18, 2017