First Name Kevin
  QTH Versailles, KY
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The equipment consists of:

  • Kenwood TS570D w/ Heil Goldline GM5 studio mic.
  • Dentron MT 3000A antenna tuner
  • Ameritron AL1200EBS-1 HF amplifier
  • Johnson Viking Ranger transmitter w/ G-stand D104 (Thanks to Liz K4GHT)
  • Hallicrafters SX-101A receiver
  • AEA LA30 HF amplifer (single 3-500z)
  • Collins Thirty-S-One HF amplifier
  • Drake T4XC transmitter, R4C receiver, MN2000 matching network, and L4B amplifier
  • Hammarlund HQ180 receiver
  • Heathkit DX60A transmitter
  • Heathkit DX35 transmitter (Thanks Joe K4JCP)
  • Yaesu 101 twins FL101 & FR101
  • Yaesu FT101EE - Yaesu FT101E
  • Flex 3000 HF + 6M transceiver
  • Homebrew pair of 813's in grounded grid HF amplifier


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  Last update March 23, 2017