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   Long time net member Clifford Belz N9HSB SK.

For the last four years, Cliff hardly missed a Saturday check-in. Most net members would not know this, but Cliff (who sounded great on the radio) was somewhat mic shy and was happy to check in but not make more comments for fear of stuttering.

He lived with and took care of his blind mother in Hobart, Indiana. He quit his job and lost his insurance just so he could attend to her.

I thought it was quite odd that he did not check in last week (January 31) because he only missed one check-in during the entire last year. Then on today's net I when I didn't hear him check in I jotted down a note to give him a call. During the net Alex K9KAN, checked in and notified the members about Cliff's sudden passing.

It was quite a shock to learn about Cliff, only 57 years old, now a SK. Later, Alex informed me that Cliff, when responding to his mother's call in the middle of the night, suffered a fatal fall. Cliff's obituary and related Legacy Page.


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