First Name Bernt
  QTH River Falls, WI
  Prior Call(s) ⇰  KC9IBJ
  Other interests ⇰  Aviation
  Email N9OB
  My External Web Sites None

"I have been interested in amateur radio for many years, but finally found the time to get my ticket. I am a pilot and also fly some of the old airplanes. This is an SNJ-4 breaking out of formation over Ortonville Minnesota. I am the pilot, and my son is in the back seat. Geratol 2440 Director 529.

I am also an AM fan, running a T368 and listening on a R390A--or maybe a Drake TR4 or a modified Globe King 500-- The Power King".

Here is a 1929 Hartley I built, and I can be found found on AWA events.

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  Last update June 22, 2017