First Name Orcena
  Location Minneapolis, MN
  Prior Call(s) ⇰  KCØGWC
  Other interests ⇰  
  Email W∅QT
  External Web Site None

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I became a ham while working "up north" in Brainerd, MN. My original call sign was KCØGWC. Hams told me that this call was too difficult, get something easier, so I obtained the vanity callsign WØQT ("on the QT") after I obtained the General, Advanced, and Extra Class licenses.

Planning to return to Minneapolis after I retired, I became involved with the St. Paul Radio Club. I could leave work in Brainerd early and make it to the Friday night club meetings in St. Paul on time (about 150 miles).

Soon after receiving my Tech. license in December of 1999, I contacted and received QSL cards from all but 16 states. I am now back in Minneapolis but cannot finish the WAS here, because all the WAS contacts must be made within a 50 miles radius. I can go up to Brainerd to finish of the 50 states, but need to have Brainerd noted on QSL cards which I receive for contacts from Brainerd.

I served as Vice-President of the St. Paul Radio Club for two years, and as President for four years, stepping down at the end of my second term in May 2008. I was Field Day Chair for two years and have continued to Chair the Digital (PSK31) station at Field Day. I remain active in the St. Paul Radio Club as Webmaster, Chair of the Circuit Builders Forum, doing publicity, and assisting in the club's Washington Middle School project, in which the club sponsors a radio club program for seventh and eighth graders. We help the students with electronic building projects involving soldering and with making contacts on 2m and HF, as well as teaching them prnciples of radio and physics.

My interests include PSK31, antenna work, fox hunting, APRS, building of electronics projects, and club activites. I do some operating also, but seem to go off in every direction in ham radio, because it is all so much fun.

In addition to the St. Paul Radio Club, I belong to the Brainerd Area Amateur Radio Club, the Twin Cities FM Club , the Mining Amateur Radio Club, and the Stillwater (MN) Amateur Radio Association. I am a life member of ARRL.

73 de Orcy WØQT


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