First Name Matt
  Location Keenesburg, CO
  Prior Call(s) ⇰  KD∅OFJ
  Other interests ⇰  
  Email W∅TKO
  External Web Site None

I am a Sub Station Electrician for the local power company Xcel Energy. I have a 4 acre property that is flat with a house with a tall roof. This where I have my Carolina Windom Antenna, set up for 160m. I use the tall trees around the house for height. I run a Yaesu Ft 100d and the antenna is about 34 feet up. I like 6m and all bands in the HF spectrum. I love building antennas especially wire ones. I have two boys in elementary school and I have been married for 15 years.


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  Last update June 20, 2017