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I'm updating this (April, 2014) after taking an 8 year hiatus from Amateur Radio.

I'm no longer living in the Chicago area; after selling Illiana Internet I've moved to St Pete and have been working as a Sr. Consulting Engineer for a major telecom vendor for the past few years. Recently I've been getting back into radio, having installed an antenna system for VHF/UHF/220 on my home.

Curently I'm involved in getting a 220 repeater on the air in the Tampa/St Pete area, which is open for all amateurs to use.

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I can be found on the the KA9QJG 224.74- (131.8pl) repeater in Crown Point, IN most of the time. I also am a control opp for this system and provide tower space for it as well. I am quite active on 2m/220/440 in the area and have interests of a more technical nature.

My primary station is my car, which has a Kenwood TM-742 2m/220/440 tribander in it. This is a slick radio, and I cannot say enough good things about it. I own 3 HT's, a ft-51 2m/440, a IC-V21at 2m/220, and a IC-p3at 220 HT. I have contributed the "true" 700-999MHz mod for the FT-51r HT, as well as the out of band mod for the IC-p3at.


Bryan KB9MCI

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