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W9DWP was my grandfather's call sign S.K. Roy J. B. Of Monon, IN.

My former call sign was WB9QWZ. I own and operate # UHF repeaters on 443.025 MHZ, one in Dundee, IL 88.5 PL at my home.

The other is located in Elburn, IL is now APCO-25 Capable NAC-293 & PL 114.8, You may hear traffic from 52.525 on my cross band link that is active during the day.

I also have a 2 meter repeaters on 145.270 PL 107.2, 100.0 and APCO-25 NAC-293.

The main 2 METER Repeter is near Elburn IL and the back up is in Dundee PL 100.0

I am working on putting a repeater on 927.625 PL 151.4 in Dundee.

I also own and operate a GMRS repeater WQGG738 ON 462.725.

I am on the Technical Committee for the Illinois Repeater Association

I am a stringer for the SHADOW Traffic network in Chicago IL.

I am a member of FRRL, VARA, NSRC, MARC, WX9MCS/R, FISHFAR, SUHFARS, 875 DX repeater, KR9RK and KB9I repeater.

I am active on the HF bands, 6, 2, 70CM, 33CM, 23CM, SSB and FM.

I am a Retired Senior Field Engineer from AT&T Mobility Chicago .

I am an active member of The Kane County A.R.E.S.  Operations Group. I am also an active storm spotter with the group.

I am also active in D-Star  activity in the Chicago area. Helped in building the FRRL  and NSRC D-Star  systems.

I am active on Motorola TRBO Repeaters in area. Chicagoland CControl Center, DVARA  and DMR-MARC

I also have built an EM-COMM trailer that has been used on Field Day and plan on operating some UHF / VHF contests with it.

I am also the Events Coordinator of THE HERD club for the 94-96 Impala SS and the 91-96 B & D Body GM Cars.

See our web site The HERD or Facebook "The HERD". ...Hope to See you at a cruise night or car show.

The photo is me and my 1996 DGGM Impala SS sedan at HERDFEST car show.

Rifles and Radios Look for our group at the DAYTON Hamvention.


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