First Name Dave
  QTH Brookiville, IN
  Prior Call(s) ⇰ 
  Other interests ⇰  Golfing, Fishing, Hunting, and The Green Bay Packers
  Email W9NHE
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You can find me on Six or two mostly, SSB, CW & Digital modes.

Will operate on lower bands, I-Com 746 Pro, I-Com 7600, Amp AL-80B on 160 thru 10M. 1KW on 6 & 2, antenna 17m 2s on 2 up 68' up, 7m 2s on 6M up 50' and you can look for me on 3.850 Khz 7:30 am Milwaukee time, or some times at night on 1.913MHz.

33 years at Amateur Electronic Supply as the manager of the print shop, and part-time repairman on Ham equipment.

Also. I like to Golf, Fish, Hunt for Deer in Wisconsin, and of course da Packers der Hey.

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  Last update June 13, 2017