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I am sorry to be informing all MCRN operators that we lost another long-time net member. I am sure that many of you, as myself, have enjoyed the company of Pete Economos- W9RMB both on the air and at ham radio events. He was a great friend and personnally I have fond memories of the times we bought and sold radios with each other as well as our sharing technical information, especially regarding our KnightKit Ocean Hoppers.

Pete had some technical difficulties with his ham station earlier this year. The last time he checked into the net was April 11, 2020 and I reported to him that his signal was the best I had heard in a long time. It was learned recently that Pete became a SK at 74 years of age on June 13, 2020. A final call to W9RMB was made on the MCRN. Pete is survived by Susan, his wife of 56 years, and two sons, Chris and James.

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  Last update February 11, 2017