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My Station consist of only military surplus, commerical, or older USA made equipment. Base station is a GRC 106A Transeiver, 2-30 Mhz, 400 Watt, SSB, AM, CW, and FSK, manufactured by Cincinnati Electronics. Sometimes I use the Collins KWS 1/75A4 combo for SSB. I also have a complete FRR 93 SSB station manufactured by Collins, 1KW input on SSB, CW, 3.5-30 mhz, except transmission from 5-6.5Mh.

My AM stations include a Crosley/B&W T-368 375 Watt Xmtr and Collins R-390A Rcvr, a ARC 8 (Collins ART 13 Xmtr and BC 348 rec), or a Collins T-195 100 watt Xmtr and Collins R-392 Rec.

I am a newspaper photog, and do some traveling, so carry a PRC 70, Cincinnati Electronics, 2-80 Mhz SSB, CW, AM, FSK, and FM portable with built in autotuner, 5 or 35-40 watts out, A PRC 74B, Hughes, 2 -18Mhz, SSB, CW, 15-18 watts out with built in manual tuner, or a PRC 1099, Transworld, 2-30 Mhz, SSB, CW, 5 or 20 watts out with built in auto tuner.

Other equipment includes, ARC 5 Station, BC 611, MAB, RT 524A, PRC 77, PRC25, AN/VRC64, PRC64A, PRC 10A, RT 68, RT 70, PRC 6, Viking 1, Heath AT1, DX35, DX 40, and DX 60, RACAL RA6790 Rec, WS #19, Hallicrafters BC 669, Collins TCS, TRC 77, Complete GRC 9, GRC 109, PRC68, 68A, 68B, Collins R388 Rec, and various other equipment.

Ant. Farm includes, 250 foot Zep, Center fed open wire line, 40 meter dipole, 1.8 -30 T2FD, Longwire, lots of radidals, various 6 -15 meter verticals, and others at a whims notice or needed.

Mobile, I run a GE Delta S for 6 Meters, or the PRC 68B, with a Henry 100 watt Amp, for 2 meters, A PRC 127, and HF, usually the PRC 70.

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