First Name Walt
  QTH Geneseo, IL
  Prior Call(s) ⇰ N9MZP
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  A little about me...

  • First licensed in 1991 as N9MZP and later changed to the vanity call WA9LT in Jan 2007. I'm active on the amateur bands 160 meters through 70cm (440). My QTH is located in rural Geneseo, IL about 11 miles east of Moline, IL in grid square EN41UL.

    Normally operate QRP in CW mode with my Elecraft K2 transceiver (main rig). Backup rigs for HF are Kenwood TS-590s, and Yaesu FT-101E (AM mode). I have also built several QRP single band CW transceivers, including SW-40, DSW-30, 2n2/40, MarkII (NN1G) 40 meters that I operate from time to time.

    Enjoy homebrewing, CW, and some contesting. QSL with EQsl, LOTW, and FISTS Bureau.

    Retired in April 2006.

  AM Station - Yaesu FT-101E, External DDS VFO, Drake MN2000 tuner, D104 Mike, homebrew amp, Nixie clock and temp displays


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