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The main image is the up stairs station that I call Studio A. It has a home brew transmitter and a Home brew receiver. The Transmitter uses a 4D32 in the final and runs 100 watts output. It uses a PTO from a T-195 and a pair of 6883B Beam Power Pentodes in push pull in the modulator. The transmitter uses a modulation transformer from an ART-13.

The Receiver is all solid state wit 4 mechanical filters 6KC,4KC,2KC, and 300 HZ for AM SSB and CW. It is the same size and panel layout as a DRAKE R4 Receiver. It is electrically the same as a Collins 75S1. I have 33 crystals from a collins crystal pack for HAM and SWL bands. The design was modified to support 160 Meters.

This is studio B. I have an ICOM IC-740 and a Drake L4amplifier for SSB. For AM I have a Collins 75A2 and A Halicrafters SX-122A Receiver. The IC-740 is the Exciter for a Home brew Legal limit AM Transmitter built by a silent key Bill Decker N4VMY. It uses a pair of 4-125A tetrodes modulated by a pair of triode connected 813's. It has lots of heavy iron and uses a modulation reactor. The audio chain has a Modified D104 G-Stand driving a CBS volumax and audiomax audio processors.     

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