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I received my Novice license in 1976 at the age of 14. I have been fairly active since.

I operate mainly CW and enjoy operating CW while mobile in motion. I use a Yaesu FT-857D with a Begail Traveler Lite key. When on the air at home, I usually use "boat anchors" such as my Collins KWS-1/75A-4 or Drake C Line. It is amazing how well a 50 year old radio still works. I should work so well after 50 years. I am currently working on improving my antenna situation.

I participate in a few contests once in a while and could do better if I could just sit still for a long period of time! I enjoy operating CW in contests and ragchews as well. I also operate some AM and SSB.

I am a member of the ARRL, MVDXCC (Mississippi Valley DX/Contest Club), SLSRC (St. Louis Suburban Radio Club), SLARC (St. Louis Amateur Radio Club (K0LIR)), CW Ops, SKCC, and I am a member of the ARRL A1-Op Club.

The MVDXCC Club operates the ZERO QSL Bureau and I am a sorter for the letter K.

I have recently moved and will be back on the air shortly. I have over 3 acres of trees at the new place, so I hope to have some killer wire antennas up for the low bands soon. Also, I plan on putting up a modest tower with a yagi. The pictures are old and I will update them when I have my new shack set up. There is a lot to do! Most of the gear shown will still be in my new shack and on the air.

I own and operate a full tube vacuum tube business called SND Tube Sales (It should be obvious where the name came from!). Many of you in the midwestern and eastern parts of the country have probably seen me at hamfests selling my tubes. Now, I sell strictly via mail order using my website: http://www.vacuumtubes.com

My other hobbies include stray dog rescue (see St. Louis Stray Resuce at www.strayrescue.org) and antique cars. I currently own a 1930 Buick Coupe with all original running gear which I take on several hundred mile tours....and yes I do have a radio in it. It's kind of hard to drive that car and send CW, though.

73, Mike   WB∅SND

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