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  • From the heart of the High Falls FlLowage...here's WO9Q. I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the "fine fellows" who have made it possible for me to be on the air at my new QTH.
    • First is Gil KF9KU ...my brother-in-law, my friend, the very catalyst for me becoming a ham in the first place.
    • Ron K9GEC, gentleman of the first degree and a true mentor. Sadly, Ron is now a "SK". Ron's passing left a great void on the airwaves. He is sorely missed!)
    • John (a.k.a. "Jim John") WD9JIM who breathed new life into my ailing SB-200
    • Cliff WA9SUE who generously provded the guts (a pair of 572B's) for that amp.

    Mr sincere thanks to all.

    Also, I must recognize the group of other "fine fellows" that frequent the 1895 SSB Morning Net on 160 meters (6:30-am Central time). These old school gentlemen of the airwaves always provide a great way to start the day. guys, the world's a better place with you in it!

    I extend a hearty "73" to all! DE WO9Q

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  Last update May 31, 2017