First Name Ray
  QTH Valparaiso, IN
  Prior Call(s) ⇰  WB9RAY
  Other interests ⇰  
  Email WV9R
  My External Web Sites  None

  About Me...

All Heathkit here, a DX-100, SB-303 paired together for AM use, and the SB-400, SB-301 twins for SSB. The only thing not Heathkit is the MFJ -868B wattmeter. On AM I usually sit on 3.885 doing a lot of listening, but sometimes I'll grab the mic too.

I enjoy working on the old tube gear, receivers and transmitters and even a few amplifiers have come across my bench.

To say I've bought and sold a few radios would be an understatement, I always like to try something new.

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  Last update May 30, 2017