2017 MCRN PicnicSwapmeet

  One of our Midwest Classic Radio Net members has one of the biggest towers around with a ham shack in the tower. It is 231 feet tall including the antennas. It is a former AT&T relay tower located at LaPorte, IN. Danny  W9DWS made his tower site available for our MCRN get-together on September 9, 2017.

  Pictures of the 2016 Hamboree with spectacular views from the tower!  (page opens in new browser window)  

  Some pictures of the day's festivities. . .  (Photos by Harry N9CQX, Gerry KC8ZUL and Masa AB9MQ)

The Tower Danny W9DWS (Our Host)       Bob W8LHP       Gerry KC8ZUL Bob KB9NJP Shows Off His Super Skyrider & RME 9
Paul  WD9GCO            Danny  W9DWS John K9QET        Masa AB9MQ
Inside the tower        Rob K5UJ    John K9QET    Bruce W9OTN Gerry    KC8ZUL
Bob K8ATV      Gerry KC8ZUL Group Shot #1 Group Shot #2
John K9QET (acoustic electric bass)   Masa AB9MQ (archtop)   Bob W8LHP (flat top) Becky (Masa's XYL) and Carol KB9OYR

Harry N9CQX        Bob KB9NJP
A token of our appreciation a vintage "Lucky Lager" beer sign
Harry N9CQX            Danny W9DWS

Masa AB9MQ Playing His Archtop Guitar
Carol KB9OYR        Bob KB9NJP        Bruce W9OTN Frank N9FWS
Gerry KC8ZUL        Rob K5UJ        Danny W9DWS Lou W9LRS & "TVAUDIO" License Plate Outside View Of Danny's Tower/Shack
Group Shot #3 Masa AB9MQ        Bob KB9NJP
Lou W9LRS Checking Out The Brisket Whizzer Motorbike Neon "Dog and Suds" Sign
Bob KB9NJP        Bob W8LHP        Masa AB9MQ Group On Front Porch
Lou W9LRS              Harry N9CQX Lou W9LRS              Danny W9DWS
The Soda Fountain Area The Bar Area

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