K4GHT (SK)        

Elizabeth Wilson K4GHT Obituary

Liz served in the Navy in the 70s as a P-3 Avionics Tech and aircrew at NAS Jax. She then worked for Grumman/Lockheed as a Spacecraft Operator working with NASA to configure Space Shuttle Orbiters.

She returned to Jacksonville to start her own company Cell-Tel International, where for 26 years she managed record growth designing and building mobile wireless phone products for military and government clients including Department of Defense.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to become an accomplished aerobatic pilot. She organized the Extra Experience formation flight team that flew airshows and gave passengers the thrill of a lifetime.

Liz also launched a successful catering company, Tin Lizzies.

She was a licensed Ham radio operator, nationally known vintage radio restoration expert, electronics/wireless genius and WWII memorabilia collector.

A funeral service to celebrate her incredible life will be held on her 65th birthday Oct 10 at 4:00 PM at St. Marks Episcopal Church, 4129 Oxford Ave, Jacksonville 32210.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Community Hospice or to St. Marks Episcopal Church.