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  • Professor Ken-K9FWT with his Champion Organ Combo Click
  • 1995 ARCI Radiofest & Muchow Museum Tour Part 1
  • 1995 ARCI Radiofest & Muchow Museum Tour Part 2
  • 1997 Hamfest at Grayslake, IL September 27, 1997   
  • AM QSO in 2000 by Jim K9RJ, Rob WA9ZTY and Chuck W9UB
  • March 2001 MCRN net final call Rob WA9ZTY NCO
  • August 2001 MCRN AM Hamboree at Ron's K5HZ QTH
  • Jim K9RJ gives a TOUR of his shack
  • August 25, 2001 Chuck W9UB shows his yard and ham shack
  • March 5, 2016 Johnson Viking Mobile AM transmitter Terry N6TLU
  • 2016 AM Ham Radio Swap Meet "The Quest For Boatanchors"
  • 2016 Hamfest Lowell, MI with Terry N6TLU and Denise KC8HVM

   Member Contributions

  • 2011 Electric Radio Heavy Metal Railway Team
  • August 15, 2011 Lou W9LRS guides some of the MCRN gang during a visit to Chicago's CH7 television studios. Hams in the back row...
  • Gary KI8BQ hosts the 2011 grand Ham Radio AM Get Together (Video by Terry  N6TLU)
  • W9VFD's B29 bomber pictures "FIFI"
  • Listen to The Midwest Classic Radio Net with Rob WA9ZTY as NCS in April 2000.
 Central Electronics
A presentation by Wes Schum W9DYV, Central Electronics founder.
Wes gives his story about the company, how he started in ham
radio, the development of SSB, involvement in WW II research,
helping VOA when the USSR was jamming them, Art Collins' call for
help and the taking over of Central by Zenith. He also mentions
his retirement plans. (opens in new browser window)
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