Hamboree History  

   The Hamboree Story
  • Prior to Hamboree Back in 2000, Ron K5HZ and his XYL Julie, hosted the first AMer's get-to-gether on their property, in south-central Wisconsin. It was a social gathering/swapfest of vintage ham radio collectors and operators, most all of whom were participants of the Midwest Classic Radio Net
  • Ron and Julie called their popular event the AM Jamboree and held it yearly until moving to the upper peninsula of Michigan, where they are now known as Yoopers
  • Bill W9WR and Harry N9CQX attended the last Jamboree that was held at Ron and Julie's in AuTrain, Michigan in 2006. Even though they thoroughly enjoyed the very beautiful wooded, lakefront setting, Bill and Harry decided that it was quite a long way to travel for a taste (or two) of Ron's home brewed-beer.

  • Birth of the Hamboree:
    Bill and Harry are both old enough to love the vintage ham and communications gear and they know that there are plenty of other ham radio operators and SWLers in the Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Indiana area who are also interested.

  • Bill initially brainstormed Harry with the idea of having a vintage ham-related event that would be located near the Illinois-Wisconsin State Line and mid-way between Iowa and Indiana. They agreed that this event would not be a hamfest as there are plenty of those, but a meet dedicated to the type of vintage gear as listed on the Midwest Classic Radio Net and equally as important, to be a social gathering like that of Ron and Julie's AM Jamboree.

  • A few hams came forward and offered their services to make sure the Hamboree continued. Thanks to the generosity of Frank KC9NMA, Hamboree 2009 & 2010 took place place in Elburn, Illinois.

  • Hamborees:  All the hamborees since 2011 have been held at the DuPage County Fairgrounds (Wheaton, IL) in conjunction with the Six Meter Club of Chicago and the Antique Radio Club of Illinois.
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