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K.W. Electronics was a British manufacturer of amateur radio equipment founded in the mid 1950s by the late Rowley Shears G8KW. It was based in Dartford, Kent, and manufactured a wide range of high frequency band receivers, transmitters and accessory equipment. The company ceased production during the 1970s.  (page opens in new browser window)


  • KW Vanguard transmitter
  • KW Valiant transmitter
  • KW Viceroy SSB transmitter
  • KW Vespa SSB transmitter
  • KW 76 receiver
  • KW 77 receiver
  • KW 103 SWR meter
  • KW 107 Supermatch ATU
  • KW 110 Q multiplier
  • KW 160 transmitter
  • KW 201 receiver
  • KW 202 receiver
  • KW 204 transmitter
  • KW 600 linear amplifier
  • KW 1000 linear amplifier
  • KW 2000 transceiver
  • KW Atlanta transceiver


KW Electronics KW-202 Receiver and KW-204 Transmitter KW2000A by Steve G3ZPS


Model 2000B #1 Model 2000B #2

Model KW Atlanta Model 2000A

Model KW 202 Model 2000A Inside View

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