Tecraft The Crafters Inc. (circa 1957) 532 Winne Ave. Rivers Edge, NJ

  From George K9GDT  

I used this converter in the late 1960's into a Hammarlund HQ-145 receiver. The rest of my six meter station was a homebrew 6146 plate modulated 6m transmitter. The antenna was a Telrex yagi. (I was able to work 46 states over several years with this setup.)

The tube pictured in the lower left was a dual triode cascode amplifier driving a pentode amplifier (center). The mixer is in the lower right with the XTAL controlled LO just above.

This needlessly HUGE front-end gain block allowed the converter to easily overload. I remember working a mobile station using a 1-watt Heathkit Sixer. When he got within a half mile of my QTH, the converter overloaded. Otherwise, the converter was highly sensitive and reliable. This would explain why Tecraft added RF Gain and IF Attenuation controls to the Criterion model shown below.

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