About the Temco RA-150 Transmitter  

  The Temco RA-150 Transmitter


  RA-150 Transmitter Configuration Options  


  • Model RA-400 Frequency Meter Type Variable Frequency and Crystal Controlled Oscillator Unit Complete with Regulated Power Supply
  • Model RA-410 Pierce crystal Oscillator Unit
  • Model RA-500 Crystal Oscillator and double buffer w/front panel coil assembly and one coil for each band
  • Model RA-600 Power Amplifier stage 150 watts input using a 4-65A PA and wide band frequency multipliers
  • Model RA-610 Power Amplifier stage 250 watts input using an RCA 828 PA and wide band frequency multiplier
  • Model RA-611 250 Watt Input Final Amplifier Stage, similar to Model RA-61O, but Without Wide Band Multipliers. With Coil For Any One Band.
  • Model RA-611A 28 Megacycle Plug-in Frequency Doubler Stage (Required Only With Model RA-611 when Model RA-300 NBFM Unit Is Used)
  • Model RA-200 Speech Amplifier-Modulator for AM phone operation, for use with RA-600 Amplifier Unit
  • Model RA-210 Speech Amplifier-Modulator for AM Phone operation, for use with RA-61O and/or RA-611 Amplifier Unit.
  • Model RA-300 Narow Band Frequency Modulation Unit, employing phase modulation of direct crystal controlled oscillator with built-in frequency deviation meter
  • Model RA-100 Audio Power Supply for use with RA-200 AM Modulator Unit
  • Model RA-110 Audio Power Supply for use with the RA-210 AM Modulator Unit
  • Model RA-120 Dual Low Voltage~High Voltage Power Supply, for use with RA-600 RF Unit
  • Model RA-121 Dual Low Voltage - High Voltage Power Supply, for use with RA-61O and RA-611 RF Units
  • Model RA-150 Deluxe six section cabinet with hinged front door, three meters, two pilot lights, built-in channelling for auto- matic insertion of chassis units, antenna change-over relay and remote control box

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