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Around 1925 in the town of Cedar Rapids, there was a mortician named David Turner. Often during funerals, mourners would fill his dad's funeral parlor beyond capacity. At some point an idea came to mind and David urged his father to purchase some type of PA (Public Address) system to be used during funeral proceedings. By using the PA system, regardless of how many people attended, everyone would be able to hear what the minister was saying.

Around 1931, the Turner's started to manufacture their own PA systems. Soon after David developed a pressure system for embalming fluid. This new system replaced the old fashioned gravity flow system. Sort of a weird bed fellows, pressurized embalming systems and PA systems. None the less the company really started to take off.

By the mid 50's the company was in full swing and hit it's peak in the 1970's when the CB craze hit the market. Unluckily for the Turners, the gamble that this market would grow didn't pay off and the company eventually had to sell it's assets and went out of business in 1979.

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