First Name Bob
  QTH Port Townsend, WA
  Prior Call(s) ⇰  WB6RQR & AL7LT
  Other interests ⇰  
  Email K6RQR
  My External Web Sites  None

I was first licensed as a Technician in 1965 as WB6RQR and operated on 6 meters with a Lafayette HE-45A transceiver and a 4 element beam that was given to me by my Elmer who lived across the street. Later came the General and Advanced licenses whose exams I took at the Federal building in San Francisco. I still remember that the doorknobs had embossed eagles on them.

Despite several different QTHs (including Alaska) I have remained on the air through most of the intervening years using a variety of equipment on 160 - 440 MHz. My favorite rigs have been the Yaesu FT-990 and my present rig, the Icom 756Pro. My current antenna is an OCF dipole with the feedpoint at 33 feet. I have been quite satisfied with its multi-band capabilities. It even works well on 6 meters using the rig's internal tuner. I also have a Baofeng HT for 2 and 440 feeding a dual band ground plane at 25 feet. I was pleased to find that there are many repeaters in the area that can be accessed with this modest combination.

Presently, I live in Port Townsend and am retired from a career as a medical librarian. I'm getting more and interested in 6 meters and am looking forward to this upcoming summer's openings. The "Magic Band" is fun, just like it was over 50 years ago.

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  Last update June 6, 2017