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Gerard is just for the FCC, please call me Gerry or just Crackpot.

Active in electronics since inspired by my grandfather who was a true pioneer in electronics (ever heard of experiments with stereo where one channel was on AM band and the other on the FM band).

I founded two electronics / technology companies in central Ohio, Software Results Corp 1976-1982 DEC to IBM interconnect systems, and Applied Innovation 1983-2009 who designs and manufactures network monitoring systems for cellular and wireline communications. Applied was acquired by Kentrox. I was trying to retire but have a new company which is web based ACScout. We design and manufacture AC power quality monitoring devices and another company called Audio Power Labsthat makes a tube based (833C) audio amplifier, the 833TNT, it uses two 833C tubes as final output tubes and cools the tubes with water cooling. It also uses a microprocessor to control and automatically adjust the operating voltages. This is for the high end audio market.

I have a large collection of AM heavy metal. I cannot explain why I collect these except they look cool and getting them working on the ham bands is fun. Then of course i love the danger .. death by crushing .. death by mercury poisining .. exposure to X-Rays ... electrocution .. and chock full of PCBs. They are converted AM broadcast rigs which are measured in pounds/watt not watts/pound. My current collection includes: Western Electric 433A, Collins FRT-24, 20T, 20V2, 20V3 (times 3), RCA BTA 1R1, Gates BC-1F (times 2), and a CCA AM2500D.

Check out 3.885 (the AM window) and you will find a great group of fun hams who love "hollow state" technology.

Also check out the noon-time fourum daily on 7.295. Noon time CST.

"Never operate any transmitter that isn't heavy enough to kill you if it falls over."

Here's an article in the January 18, 2017 edition of RADIOWORLD Magazine about my broadcast transmitter collection.
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