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I got my ticket in Sumter, South Carolina while active duty at Shaw Airforce Base.

I kept the same call while stationed at Holloman Airforce Base in New Mexico from 1994 to 2003.

I worked Aircraft Structural Maintenance (Sheet Metal) on fighter aircraft my entire military career.

The most enjoyable aircraft worked was the F-16 with the 33rd Fighter Squadron at Shaw AFB. Also the F-117 Stealth Fighters at Holloman AFB, New Mexico as a Martian. (repair and diagnose coating issues)

Retired to Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

The rigs are: FLEX 3000 with a PR-22 mic and a Johnson Viking Valiant AM transmitter with a Hammarlund HQ-150 receiver.

The antennas are Diamond X510 for 2 meters and 440, 75 meter flat top folded dipole 450 ohm balanced feeder, link coupled tuned, 40 meter double bazooka dipole, 160 dipole coax fed, and a T-8 Log Periodic Dipole Array.

Amplifiers are the Command Technologies HF-2500 and Ameritron AL-811H.

73 Dan  KD4UMU

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