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  QTH Le Claire, IA
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  CQ, From The East Coast Of Iowa... a mile Mississippi River.

After about a 10-year hiatus for moving to new QTH and raising children, I'm back on the air. I've got a temporary tower up about 45'... nothing fancy, but with clear view of the horizon. I've got it fitted with 70cm/1.2m, 2m, and 6m, verticals, 6 and 2m horizontal beams, and a random length dipole. Out back, there's a Cushcraft R-8 out in the back yard as well. I've got much more on the way... now that all the house renovations are basically done, I've been given green-light to dig BIG holes, pour liquid rock and plant steel trees, so fun things will happen.

In the meantime, you'll hear me on:
70cm FM
1.2m FM,
2m FM and SSB,
6m AM, SSB, and CW,
160-10m SSB and CW, mebbie some digital formats if I can get the computer going.

  Gonset G50 Chassis Layout & Adjustment Information

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  Last update May 28, 2017