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Good day !

I enjoy working with high fidelity Amateur Radio SSB and AM. I operate three HF rigs ANAN 100 SDR, a slightly modified old clunker Kenwood TS-940S and a Dinosaur FT-101EX  

My audio chain consists of an Electro-Voice RE 27 ND, which is fed into an ART Pro Channel II microphone preamp/compressor, I configured the compressor to operate as a limiter (works very well). Audio tailoring is achieved through a Behrigner DEQ2496. A hint of plate reverb is introduced to the chain through an Alesis MicroVerb 4.

You can find me around 3.630, 14.178 or 1.850 on sideband or 1.885, 3885 +/- on AM.

I also enjoy VHF / UHF FM operation. I operate an Echolink RF link station at my home. My node number is: 492710. Give me a call sometime!

Please visit my web page  for more information regarding my station. (opens in new browser window)

73 from Jeff  N8RWS

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  Last update June 23, 2017