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I received my Novice license, KA9OWA, in 1983, and upgraded to Extra the following year. I'm a Programmer/Analyst and Internet developer, after having spent 20 years in electronics.

I own and maintain many pieces of vintage gear, and have created many vintage radio sites on the Web (including www.ermag.com, www.manualman.com, radioranger.com and vintagesideband.org). Primary antennas are a 160M loop, averaging around 35' up, as well as a vintage Wilson System 1 tribander up 30'. Mostly vintage here: Allied, Drake, Heathkit, Hammarlund and Hallicrafters. Aside from an FT-817ND for Field Day and the bugout bag, newest rigs are a Ten Tec Corsair 1 and an IC-745 (my first new transceiver).

You can find me hanging out on the Kentucky Phone Net and the 20M Vintage Sideband Net.

I am married with 3 children. My oldest is KB9SRF.

NB9M.COM is now locked down for security and all my for sale want/swap stuff is now on RADIORANGER (opens in new browser window)

73 de NB9M

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  Last update June 21, 2017