First Name Bob
  QTH Kokomo, IN
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  Other interests ⇰  British Sports Cars
  Email ND9B
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I'm a 1950 Baby-Boomer intensely interested in radio as a kid, but did not get my amateur license till 1970. Employed 32 years as an automotive electronics engineer - 10 years electrical, 22 years software. I'm retired now.

My hobbies, in addition to amateur radio, are British Sports Cars ( MGs in particular) and man's-best-friend (I have three Rat Terriers presently).

My station is pretty simple - one barefoot HF rig with a multiband inverted vee - one FM rig for VHF/UHF. I monitor 52.525 FM and 29.6 FM when I'm off-air.

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  Last update June 21, 2017