First Name Brad
  QTH Appleton, WI
  Other Call(s) ⇰  WB9FFO AA9NR
  Other interests ⇰  Jetboating Bicycling Fishing Astronomy
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My novice license arrived in early 1970, callsign WN9FFO, in my home town QTH of Whitewater, WI. My dad was the radio man on the USS Loggerhead submarine during WWII. He taught me morse code as a fun game to help pass the time when doing dishes. CW remains by far my favorite mode, it's in my blood!  My Novice Station

A year later I upgraded to General Class. My father was very proud of my hobby and helped me buy my first modern SSB transceiver, a Swan 270B Cygnet, since a13 year olds paper route money just didn't quite cover it! I was active until my college days when I sold my gear to help fund my education in 1975. After two decades off the air, a friend I met while bicycling turned out to be a ham; Dan, WA9UXM (now SK) graciously loaned me an HW-101. I quickly realized how much I had missed this hobby! I then upgraded to Extra class and took the vanity callsign W9ZT.

I have taken to chasing DX since becoming active again in 1995. My latest antenna addition, a K9AY receiving loop, really helps me out with my most recent endeavor, low band DXing. 160 Meters has become an obsession!

I also enjoy reminiscing with old friends while operating vintage radios. You can find me pounding brass on 7.028 with my novice station or hanging out around 3.840 where I frequently check into the Vintage Sideband Net. (page opens in new browser window)

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  Last update June 11, 2017