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My interest in Ham-Radio started in 1960 with the curiosity of how you could talk with no wires as in the Dick Tracy Walkie-Talkies and look what we are into today. I remember very well when my Tech license came in the mail on October 21, 1965 at 4 PM, just before my paper route duties. I could not do my paper route fast enough to get on the air with my big time 6-meter station, a Knight-Kit T-60 & National NC-303 with Ameco CN-50 6-meter converter!

Well, that lasted for a short time until I could move up to SSB with a Heathkit HX-30. Later on I moved up to a Heath-Kit SB-110A and built 3 different homebrew 4-400A 1 KW amplifiers for my high school vocational electronics classes.

After my NAVY duties, I built one more H.F. 4-1000A amplifier for all that great DX in the 70's, along with teaching classes for Novice and Techs. I later got into 2-meter weak signal work on SSB (150 grids) and also fast scan ATV on UHF from the 1980's into 1990's great times! Now into the 21st Century, I get on A.M. and SSB to rag chew with friends and many I have known since I got my ticket 50 years ago.

I enjoy 10-meters since there is a mystic about that band similar to the 6-meter band I started with. I had many Elmer's in my ham adventure and certainly thank all of them for their help. Being retired from the Communications Industry I spend time technical writing, consulting, SWL'ing, and repairing old ham gear bringing them back to life for folks to enjoy.


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