First Name Rob (SK)
  QTH Marshall, WI
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  Born: 04/13/1953 ➙ SK: 05/01/2008

Rob WA9ZTY Rob WA9ZTY      Roberta KA9OSA Rob WA9ZTY

  The next two pictures were taken at a hamfest shortly after Rob's passing...

Harry N9CQX and Rob's Family Ron K5HZ     Roberta KA9OSA Harry N9CQX    Rob WA9ZTY

  Listen to The Midwest Classic Radio Net with Rob WA9ZTYas NCS in April 2000.  


  From George K9GDT...

  • One spring, my XYL's son and I were headed to Ely, MN to answer the call of the walleye. Rob was a only short diversion from I-90. So I accepted his cordial invitation for an eyeball at his QTH. Since Duane is not a ham, he expressed a desire to have a short visit. Rob made him feel right at home and the two of them talked for several hours after the obligatory tour of his basement shack and Roberta's FB first floor setup. We ended up arriving at Ely just before midnight. Duane commented how much he enjoyed meeting Rob.

  More to come. If you have a story (who doesn't?) or pictures to add, please let us know!

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