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  Hello from Bob WD8PIC in Sylvania, Ohio.

  • I've been a ham since 1977. I love to chat on 75 and 40 meters with many friends and meet new hams. I am a frequent user of several local 440 repeaters. I love to help out on setting audio levels, detecting noise sources, interference problems. I tend to be in the center of most of the local activity, and we have a lot of fun during the day and evenings.

    With the help of my fellow amateurs I truly have a station to be proud of, and it would not be possible without the friendship and ideas from my fellow amateurs.

    Thanks to all for the help over the years; such as:

    • Tom   KB8VFT
    • Wayne   KA8HHW
    • Bob    N8EFJ
    • Tom    N8ZRR
    • Mike   W8OZZ
    • Steve    W8DXR
    • Ed    N8LPQ
    • Bruce    KB8DIL
    • Steve   WD8ANI
    • Scott   N8EQK
    • Tim    KA8KFW
    • Nick   KB8UXT
    • Mark    KC8AKS
    • Roger    NF8A
    • Bob    KD8GZX
    • Steve    WD8QCN
    • Gary    K8JCR
    • Ben   KD8JBS
    The following rigs are very blind-friendly with the voice boards installed. I am able to change frequencies, PL tones and even give signal reports faster than most sighted people. I also enjoy helping and teaching other blind people to learn to operate their radios.

    Equipment includes two Kenwood TMG707 dual banders, Kenwood TS-570SG HF rig, TS-440SAT. Workman uvs-300 dual band VHF-UHF antenna, Arrow 6 meter ground plane, newly built 40/75 meter trap dipole with 12 and 17 meters fan array added to it. It was built and tuned on 8-3-2010. Two IC-4AT, IC-2AT, IC-3AT, TK-350 HT's.

    Several short wave rigs: A Sony ICF-2010 and a 1955 Buick AM tube radio. Also, two home-built 440 all copper J-poles.

    Thanks to Mike W8OZZ for pictures, and Bob N8EFJ & Tim KA8KFW for editing my web biography.

    I have known the Lord since 1980 and I attend church on a regular basis. Below is a quote that I have and I would like to share it:

    • "Live each day as if it's your last, Do not complain unless there is a worthy cause, be thankful for EVERYTHING even the things you do not like because they're there for a reason and you can learn from them. Learn the difference between wants and needs, pray for our country and drive better then I would. I am blind and you are not"

    Bob WD8PIC
    Sylvania Ohio


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  Last update May 31, 2017