Homebrew Tube Radio Gear  

  • K9YQQ  Look what Borgi K9YQQ has been up to.
  • K5UJ Rob's pair of 4-400's modulated by a pair of 572Bs
  • K8LKC Joe's homebrew bugs and paddles  
  • K9ACT Jack's High Power AM Transmitter
  • K9GAS Gerald's Homebrew Plate Modulated 4-1000 by a pair of 4-400's Transmitter
  • K9QET John's beautiful custom cabinet for the SX-111 & HT-37  
  • KC9KEP Big Nick's Homebrew Radio Pages
  • N9HMA  Stan's AM Transmitter using a 833 finals
  • W9OTN AM Ultra Heavy Metal
  •   Class E Gear  

    • Class E AM Transmitter Descriptions, Circuits, Parts, Etc. You'll want to bookmark this page!  (page opens in new browser window)
    • KC9HFR John's high power MOSFET AM transmitters

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